Art is an expression of the human soul and creativity and has no limits in its beauty and variety. Art speaks a language that everybody can understand and even affects and influences us to be better people. Our mission is to create art and, thereby, interconnect all people, regardless of differences. Connecting different people through the universal language of art creates fellowship, understanding, which overcomes prejudice and creates peace. There is power in art and the fellowship!

MUSICA NOTA promotes and shares free, creative and artistic expression for all art forms by organizing concerts, festivals, exhibitions, theatre performances, educational workshops,lectures, panel discussions….

Join us in the creation of a free and creative world!

Ivana Lušić

Photo: Ivo Pervan

Ivana Lušić Musica Nota

Sing, dance, paint, play… Creativity frees emotions and makes one happy.

Ivana Lušić

President of MUSICA NOTA

Ivana Lusic, born in Zagreb, Croatia, made her professional mark in the World of Arts with her work and leadership of the professional Croatian National Folk Dance Ensemble LADO in which she served over 12 years (April 2002-April 2014) in the position of General Manager. During that period, the LADO Ensemble, achieved significant accomplishments and successes, along with being the recipient of numerous recognitions and rewards.

LADO performed in the most prestigious concert halls of Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Oman, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, as well as in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Italy, and notably in the Vatican for the Pope John Paul II, as well as representing Europe at the 6th World Symposium of Choral Music in Minneapolis. Among Lusic’s great achievements, she organized a major folklore event at the Pula Colosseum.

She promoted the Ensemble LADO and Croatia in international cultural circles by participating in the conferences of ISPA, APAP, WOMEX, etc. Lusic also created, coordinated and organized the congress of one of the strongest international organisations of the performing arts known as ISPA (International Society For Performing Arts), as a Board Member, in Zagreb in 2010. The Congress was attended by 165 participants from 35 countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Argentina to India and Singapore.

Further, in LADO for the first time were implemented projects in which the traditional song and dance were represented in modern contemporary dance and music forms, for example; electro music CD LADO Electro, folk ballet with singing Veronica Desinic, etc. Also, Lado recorded musical movies in co-operation with Croatian National Television. She initiated LADO as the organizer, co-organizer or participant of charity concerts as well as of valuable projects such as: exhibition Vezak vezla niz Bosnu gledala in 2005, Concert of songs and dances of Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall under the auspices of the President of both countries, along with many other events.

She is completing post graduate study of Croatian culture for her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

Tomislav Kršnjavi Musica Nota

For me one of the most beautiful expressions of beauty was given to us St. Thomas Aquinas: “I look at a flower and wonder where is the beauty? Is beauty in the flower or me? I have concluded that beauty is neither in the flower nor in the me, but in the relationship between us.

Tomislav Kršnjavi


Tomislav Kršnjavi was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a graduate of the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb. He completed his Master’s Degree in Sculpture in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

He taught sculpture at the School of Applied arts in Rijeka from 2001 to 2003 and led art workshops at the Mental Hospital «Saint John» in Zagreb from 2004 to 2006.

He made many statues of religious themes, from large statues, reliefs and plaques to small statues, chalices and reliquaries, as well as designing bronze doors and the complete interior of a church sanctuary. Furthermore, he had the privilege of being commissioned to complete many portrait monuments, and marble and bronze figures, half-figures and busts of historical Croatian people located in public streets in Croatian cities and institutions.

He is an independent artist, member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists in Zagreb and member of Society of the Independent Artists. To date, he has completed over 80 public sculptures. He has participated in over 20 groups and nine independent exhibitions. Web page

Jadranka Gračanin Musica Nota

It is immens joy and a privilege to devote my life to the music and have the ability to know how to share emotions created by music with the audience. Well, this is truly happiness!

Jadranka Gračanin


Born in Varazdin, Croatia, Jadranka is a professional folklore dancer and singer. She was a featured soloist of the National Croatian Folk Dance Ensemble LADO and a member of the legendary female vocal ensemble Ladarice. She received a medal from the President of the Republic of Croatia Franjo Tudjman, Red hrvatskog pletera  for her outstanding contribution to the development and reputation of the Republic of Croatia and welfare of its citizens.