Davor Bobić član prosudbenog povjerenstva Musica Nota

Prof. Davor Bobić

Finished elementary and secondary Music school, as well as comprehensive (high) school in native Varaždin.

Graduated in composition, music theory and classical accordion from the famous State conservatory “P. I. Tchaikovsky” in Kiev.

Awarded by Ukrainian Ministry of Education as one of the best foreign students in the academic year 1992/93.

After returning to his homeland, founds a composition class at the Music school in Varaždin for elementary and secondary education that is unique in the Republic of Croatia.

1996. Winner of “Ivo Vuljević” award for the most successful young Croatian music artist – the only composer so far to receive that award.

1998. Winner of “Stjepan Šulek” award for the best orchestral accomplishment by a young Croatian composer, as well as the Award of the Varaždin county for exceptional cultural achievements.

1997. Winner of the Croatian Wattle Order medal; in 1999. he received the Danica hrvatska order medal with the figure of Marko Marulić.

1999. Becomes the principle of the cultural public institute of Concert office Varaždin.

2003. Becomes assistant lecturer, and in 2008 a guest professor at the Art Academy in Osijek.

2008. Receives the prestigious Boris Papandopulo award His works are performed by leading Croatian and foreign musicians, ensembles and orchestras. He regularly attends the performances of his works at all the prestigious festivals in the country.

His extensive body of work is a constituent element of teaching material at the prestigious universities in London, Helsinki, Kiyev, Minsk, Zagreb and Osijek, and his works are performed all over the world.

He wrote more than 120 compositions ranging from piano miniatures to large vocal-symphonic works.

He gained the attention of cultural public with his oratorium “King Tomislav”, while the performance of “Vukovar requiem” in 2004 was pronounced to be one of the main musical events of the season. He is a member of the Croatian Composers Society since 1994.

With the Lado ensemble and choreographer Dinko Bogdanić, he set up a ballet with singing parts called “Veronika Desinićka” thus completing a sort of “National trilogy” which achieved extraordinary success.

He receives highest awards on regular basis at the competitions for choir compositions.

In 2006. and 2007. he was given the award of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia for the promotion of musical creation. In 1999., after the death of academician Jurica Murnaj, he was named member of the Festival committee of Varaždin Baroque Evenings by Croatian minister of culture, and he became a member of the jury for the ”Lukačić” and ”Murai” awards.

In 1979., as an eleven-year old boy he performed as a member of the children’s choir in the performance of J.S.Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” at the Varaždin Baroque Evenings festival; that performance left a lasting mark in his creative evocation concentrated in the writing of his major oratoriums.

The new oratorium “Isaac” is one of the central cultural projects in 2009 as part of celebrating the city of Pecs as a cultural capital of Europe.

In October 2006. he was named principle of the prestigious national festival Varaždin Baroque Evenings.

Davor Bobić’s opus for classical accordion created in the period of last fifteen years is considered a landmark contribution in the enrichment of Croatian and European literature for that instrument.

Winner of “Marul” on their 20-jubilee “Marulić Days” Split 2010. for year best music, for play NK Zagreb, M.Krleža, Kraljevo, directed by Ozren Prohić assistant composers Christian Funarić