3rd Christmas Music Festival in Zagreb, Croatia 2018

1st – 16th December, 2018

The 3rd Christmas Music Festival of 2018 included 22 participating choirs and vocal ensembles. This year, for the first time, we also had international participants from Hungary and Austria who requested to be a part of this magical Advent in Zagreb.

The Festival’s opening performance was by the Hungarian Choir of the University of Pécs (under the guidance of Dean of the Academy of Music and Visual Arts, Prof. Dr. Tamas Lakner) and the Chamber Choir of the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb (under the guidance of Prof. Jasenka Ostojic). A rich and varied program with performances from klapa (vocal singing in Dalmatia), a Gregorian chant, a concert at the Dverce Palace dedicated to the Countess Buratti, a children’s concert of elementary schools in the Ethnographic Museum and concert of various music schools at the Mimara Museum, performances of the best choirs from the Croatian Cultural Association’s Competition, to the concert of vocal ensemble Jane. All of them gave beautiful moments of music to our audience.

See you in 2019!

Festival participants

  • University choir of Pécs (Hungary)
  • Chamber choir of the Music university of Zagreb
  • Male vocal ensemble (klapa) Bošket, Zagreb
  • Female vocal ensemble (klapa) Ladesta, Lastovo
  • Male vocal ensemble (klapa) Fumari, Lastovo
  • Male vocal ensemble (klapa) Stine, Zagreb
  • Vocal ensemble Graces&Voices (Austria)
  • Choir Kikići i genijalci
  • Choir  of the elemenatary school Granešina
  • Choir of the elemenatary school Lučko
  • Choir Zagrebački Allegrići
  • Female choir Vox feminae, Bjelovar
  • Academic Male Choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb
  • Mixed vocal ensemble Kanat – Kastav
  • Female vocal ensemble CRONA
  • Male vocal ensemble IOSEPHUS
  • Female vocal choir Cantus ante omnia
  • Children’s chamber choir of the Music School Pavla Markovca
  • Children’s choir of the Music School Blagoja Bersa
  • Children’s choir of the Music School in Varazdin
  • Vocal ensemble Jane

Under the patronage of

  • Grad Zagreb i Gradska skupština Grada Zagreba

Associates and sponsors

  • Croatian Composers’ Society
  • Croatian Cultural Association
  • Museum of Arts and Crafts
  • MIMARA Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb
  • Zagreb Tourist Board
  • City Office for Culture
  • Austrian Cultural Forum
  • Stupnik Municipality
  • Students’ Center in Zagreb
  • First Advice d.o.o.
  • Zagreb Brewery d.d

Festival program